We specialise in getting you from A to B easily and without hassle, using your own personal compact electric vehicle. We only stock the most innovative, and state of the art designs  that are folding, compact, light and highly portable.

Experience for yourself the convenience, freedom and reliability of the world’s best designed folding travel mobility scooter. Luggie is a light weight mobility scooter that is an ingenious one piece design, simple to operate, and ultra easy to take with you.

Our latest model electric bicycle AB Smart Mk3 is certainly turning heads. It’s superior to other electric bikes on the market as it uses a state of the art smart torque sensor system, providing a smoother, more controlled ride, and is much better for going up hills. This electric folding bicycle is packed with the latest quality features.

Luggie – Black

Folded Luggie – Red

Representing excellence in engineering, Luggie is simply the world’s easiest, most robust and reliable travel mobility scooter. Latest 2014 models now available

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